Dean Takiguchi, MPT, OCS – Physical Therapist, Clinic Director

Dean Takiguchi, MPT, OCS – Clinic Director, Physical Therapist

Dean has over 27 years of experience in the field of Orthopedic Physical Therapy. He completed his National Board Certification as an Orthopedic Specialist (OCS) in 2007. Dean received his Master of Physical Therapy from University of California, San Francisco in 1993 and his Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from California State University Fullerton in 1989. Dean has advanced skills in Orthopedics, Sports Rehabilitation and Manual Therapy as well as Exercise Training and Full Body Reconditioning. Dean loves what he does and has completed extensive continuing education programs furthering his knowledge in a wide variety of diagnoses and treatment techniques. Dean enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends and serving at Crossroads Community Church in Mission Viejo. He also enjoys working out at the gym, barbecuing and napping which usually falls in that order.
Alisa Sanchez, MPT

Alisa Sanchez, MPT, OCS – Physical Therapist

Alisa graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 2006. She has been working in the orthopedic setting for 13 years and continues to further her education in orthopedic physical therapy. In 2017, she became an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. With this certification, she has extensive knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions. Her goals are to obtain a DPT degree and to further improve her practice in the aquatic physical therapy setting. Alisa is a native of Southern California and enjoys our beautiful beaches, mountains, and deserts to the fullest. She loves to travel and learn about cultures from all over the world.

Stacey Savage, PT – Physical Therapist

Stacey has over 22 years of experience in the field of Orthopedic Physical Therapy. She received her Bachelor of Arts from UC Santa Barbara and Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from California State University, Long Beach. Stacey is a certified “Rock Doctor”(kinesiology taping techniques) and is also certified in Functional Movement Technique (FMT) Blades (FMT is an instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization modality). In addition, Stacey holds a certification in applied functional science, which she utilizes to analyze movement and function in order to effectively treat her patients pain and dysfunction, as well as help them prevent future injuries. Stacey was born and raised in Long Beach, CA and today resides in Huntington Beach, which she has called home for the past 18 years. As a youth, she participated in many sports and today continues to be very active in surfing and other outdoor and fitness activities.

Niguel Cher, B.S. – Physical Therapy Aide

Niguel graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. In the future, he plans on applying to Physical Therapy school with aspirations of becoming a physical therapist that works with all age groups. His interest in physical therapy came from his own experience of undergoing treatment for his knee, as he found the healing process to be worthwhile of pursuing a career in. In his free time, he enjoys running, weightlifting, watching basketball, and volunteering at an outpatient Physical Therapy Hospital.
Kavin Nguyen, BS - Physical Therapy Aide

Kavin Nguyen, B.S. – Physical Therapy Aide

Kavin Nguyen is an undergraduate at Long Beach State where he received his Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Psychology. In pursuit of achieving his goal in physician’s assistant (PA) as his career, he spends his time volunteering at hospitals and shadowing PAs to gain a greater insight and experience firsthand. Prior to working at MPT, he was a PT aide at a previous clinic and gained a great amount of expertise from multiple physical therapists. Kavin has also served the community as a youth group leader at San Gabriel Mission before moving to Orange County. In his free time, he enjoys being active such as playing basketball, snowboarding, or exercising at the gym. You may find him working out at our clinic as well. Kavin is happy to be a part of the MPT family and help the patients meet their personal goals on their journey to recovery.
Robyn Almario, BS, Physical Therapy Aide

Robyn Almario, B.S. – Physical Therapy Aide

Robyn Almario graduated California State University, Fullerton in 2018 with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, Concentration in Clinical Movement Science. She hopes to become a DPT and work in a pediatric setting, as she loves working with kids. In her free time, she enjoys training for Tahitian dance competitions and productions, meal prepping healthy recipes from Pinterest, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Hailey Tripodo, B.S. – Physical Therapy Aide

Hailey completed her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology in the spring of 2020, where she had the pleasure of working with and learning about older adults. She has worked with younger and older adults in a variety of settings; from aquatic classes to an Adapted Kinesiology program, and completely fell in love with how amazing the people were. She is passionate about helping others accomplish their exercise goals and enjoys learning about the science of how the human body moves. She hopes to assist others in their journey to recovery and guide them to a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.

In her free time, she loves to read, swim and cook yummy food for others. Hailey hopes to go into a career in aquatic therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, or research in working with older adults.

Dorothy Dong – Physical Therapy Aide

Currently an undergraduate at University of California, Irvine, Dorothy is pursuing a Bachelors of Science in biological sciences with a minor in psychology. After graduating in 2022, she hopes to apply to a PT graduate school to attain a DPT. Dorothy was raised in Pleasanton, California near the Bay Area. In high school, she joined both her varsity swim team and dance team, and after volunteering at a physical therapy clinic, Dorothy grew in curiosity and passion for the human body and the study of movement. These experiences, sports, and her desire to help others fostered her zeal for physical therapy going into college. With a variety of job experiences, from a swim instructor to a camp counselor to a barista, she hopes to use all the cultivated skills of patience, compassion and energy to best serve patients in physical therapy!

In her free time, Dorothy enjoys cooking, serving at her church, dancing on her two UCI dance teams, and spending time with friends and family.

Marlon Flores, BS – Office Manager

Marlon Flores, B.S. – Office Manager

Marlon obtained the status of Office Manager shortly after starting at Magnolia Physical Therapy as a Physical Therapy Aide. Marlon graduated in 2004 from Cal State Northridge with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Science option, with a minor in Pre-Med. Throughout his educational career; Marlon gained valuable experience in a Physical Rehab & Aquatic Facility as well as outpatient Physical Therapy while attending Cal State Northridge. Marlon went on and furthered his education by obtaining his A+ Certification and COMP TIA Network and Security Certification. He manages the computer and network administration for our three clinics. He also has a certification in Medical Coding, Billing and Electronic Medical Records, which has provided him with the knowledge of billing and coding insurance claims efficiently. Marlon is very adept in his role of Office Manager, taking care of everything from verification of patient benefits to computer and technical predicaments. His efficiency at the front desk assures patients that their experience at Magnolia Physical Therapy will be professional from start to finish.
Amanda Wilhoit – Certified Pilates Instructor

Amanda Wilhoit – Certified Pilates Instructor at Bloom Pilates & Wellness Center

Amanda is passionate about Pilates and she loves to share that passion with others. She began taking Pilates in 2006, and she found that it helped to decrease the neck and back pain which was brought on by having scoliosis and was exacerbated by working at a sedentary job. She gained strength in her postural muscles, her body awareness improved, and she just loved the way she felt after a session. She was also thrilled because Pilates had helped to decrease her pain. It was at that point that she decided she wanted to become an instructor and share the benefits of Pilates with others, and try to help them improve their health as well. She completed the Comprehensive Teacher Training Program at Body Arts and Science International in January, 2008. Since then she has also become certified to teach the Booty Barre method, which is a fusion of yoga, Pilates and dance. Amanda taught for 8 years in a Pilates studio owned by a Physical Therapist, which reinforced the importance of focusing on proper form and alignment. Through the years she has continued to hone and improve her skills. She is always trying to educate herself and to keep current with the trends in her industry. Amanda opened Bloom Pilates and Wellness Center in December of 2015. When she deliberated about what to name her new business, she decided to honor her late best friend Chris Bloom, who always encouraged her to challenge herself and to go outside of her comfort zone, and to “bloom” into the strong and confident woman he knew she could become. She took his words to heart, and now, many years later, she continues to love teaching and she genuinely treasures the relationships she has built with her clients. When she is not teaching, Amanda enjoys practicing yoga, running, throwing darts, reading, going to concerts and movies, and spending time with her baby daughter, family, and friends.

Meet the Owners

Carol and Leo Fracalosy

Leo and Carol Fracalosy

Carol and Leo have worked together successfully to establish three outpatient physical therapy clinics In Southern California. Both began their careers here, Carol is from Denver, Colorado and Leo is from Paterson, New Jersey. Carol received her Bachelor’s Degree from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington and her Certificate in Physical Therapy from Cal State Long Beach. Her first ten years as a physical therapist were spent treating patients in hospital based rehab facilities such as Rancho Los Amigos Hospital in Downey and Hillhaven Convalescent Hospital in Santa Ana. In 1979, Carol and her partner Judy Berendsen, PT, set up the Department of Rehab Services at Mesa Verde Hospital in Costa Mesa. From there, Carol founded Corona del Mar Physical Therapy in 1987. The opportunity to open another clinic in Huntington Beach came about in 1995 with the purchase and refurbishment of a 5,000 square foot building. Magnolia Physical Therapy and Aquatic Rehab Center opened for business in March 1995. Continuing on their venture, Laguna Beach Physical Therapy was established in 1997 and actively gives back to the community by participating in numerous local civic events. A fourth clinic, Anaheim Physical Therapy and Aquatic Rehab was created in 2003. After five years, Carol and Leo decided not to renew their lease at that location and ceased operations in 2008. Leo received his bachelor’s degree from Montclair State College in New Jersey and his Master’s from Pepperdine University. He taught, coached and served as the Athletic Director over a 24 year span at Villa Park High School. Upon retirement from academia, in 1993, Leo joined the Company to become the Chief Financial Officer bringing his expertise in finance, business and marketing. Leo and Carol shared the vision of developing and establishing physical therapy clinics providing rehab services for the consumer and thereby providing employment for a growing staff. In addition to treating patients and managing clinics, Carol contracts with Alzheimer’s Family Services in Huntington Beach ( providing physical, occupational and speech therapy assessments for their clients. As the CFO, Leo manages the employee benefits and business aspects of the Company. He is actively involved with various Chambers of Commerce and is an officer in the Exchange Club of Newport Beach. Leo provides management support and guidance to the Office Managers and other administrative personnel in the Company. Outside of work and volunteering, Leo is an avid tennis player. Carol and Leo have raised four sons, two of whom are employed by the Company and two working independently. Carol and Leo reside in Corona del Mar.
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